File-And-Use States

States where insurers must file rate changes with their regulators, but don’t have to wait for approval to put them into effect.

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A reinsurance pool established for the Federal Employees Group Life Insurance program.

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Federal Reserve Board

Seven-member board that supervises the banking system by issuing regulations controlling bank holding companies and federal laws over the banking industry. It also controls and oversees the U.S. monetary system and Credit supply.

Fair Access to Insurance Requirements Plans (Fair Plans)

Insurance Pools that sell property insurance to people who can’t buy it in the voluntary market because of high risk over which they may have no control. FAIR Plans, which exist in 28 states and the District of Columbia, insure fire, vandalism, riot, and windstorm losses, and some sell homeowners insurance which includes liability. Plans vary … Read more

Consumer Credit Insurance (CCI)

Consumer credit insurance provides cover if you can’t meet the repayments on your credit contract or loan because you lose your job, you are sick or injured, or you die.  Consumer credit insurance is usually offered as part of a mortgage, credit card or personal loan at the time the loan or credit card contract … Read more