Total Equity

Driven by US GAAP accounting standards. Typically Capital plus/minus other accounting differences (i.e. DAC, reserve differences, admitted assets, deferred taxes, etc.)

Total Equity

Driven by US GAAP accounting standards.  Typically Capital plus/minus other accounting differences (i.e. DAC, reserve differences, admitted assets, deferred taxes, etc.)


The excess of assets over liabilities. The financial cushion that protects policyholders in case of unexpectedly high claims. Statutory surplus is an insurer’s or reinsurer’s capital as determined under statutory accounting rules. Surplus determines an insurer’s or reinsurer’s Capacity to write business.


Initial after-tax regulatory net income plus Target Capital.

Statutory Accounting Principles (SAP)

More conservative standards than under GAAP accounting rules, they are imposed by state laws that emphasize the present solvency of insurance companies. SAP helps ensure that the company will have sufficient funds readily available to meet all anticipated insurance obligations by recognizing liabilities earlier or at a higher value than GAAP and assets later or … Read more


Difference between investment earnings rate and actual / implied rate used to accrete the reserves for discounted reserves.


Insurance companies’ ability to pay the claims of policyholders. Regulations to promote solvency include minimum capital and surplus requirements, statutory accounting conventions, limits to insurance company investment and corporate activities, financial ratio tests, and financial data disclosure.

Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC)

The organization that oversees publicly-held insurance companies. Those companies make periodic financial disclosures to the SEC, including an annual financial statement (or 10K), and a quarterly financial statement (or 10-Q). Companies must also disclose any material events and other information about their stock.

Schedule F

The Annual Statement schedule which provides information on a company’s reinsurance transactions.